Horse riding prices
– we offer both man and horse training

Horse riding school

The training has 3 levels of expertise – beginner, advanced and a sports training with a specialization in Parkour or Dressage. The training is conducted under the supervision of a trained instructor.

The preparation of the horse for the training is included in the training time.

1 hour of individual training 590 kc/person
10 hours of individual traning 5 300 kc/person
1 hour of group training (2-4 people) 490 kc/person
10 hours of group training 4 400 kc
Pony rides with a pacemaker for children aged 5-12 300 kc/30min
Horse rides with a pacemaker for aged 12+ 350 kc/30min

Training of riders with their own stabled horse

Individual lesson with the instructor 400 kc/hour
Group lesson with the instructor (2-4 people) 300 kc/hour

Riding hall rental for non stabled horses

Hall rental (including jumping material) (eg: for exhibitions, sports events, auctions…) 1 500 kc/hour
Locker rental in the harness room 200 kc/month
Changing room rental in building C (including shower, WC and a locker) 300 kc/month


For individual requests and questions please contact the stables manager beforehand on this number:
+420 602 778 267

Prices include the VAT.
Prices are valid from 01. 02. 2017.