General information

If peace and calm of an untainted countryside is what you are looking for, you can be certain to find exactly that at the Sedlečko Farmstead!

Both the Sedlečko Farmstead and Dvůr krutěnice are old historical places. They have always belonged under the supervision of a nearby village Nalžovy (today Nalžovské Hory). The first mention of Nalžovy comes from the year 1380, when it belonged to Hrabiš and Jan of Paběnice, after whom the place saw a quick succession of noble owners. Among the most significant names attached to the dominion were for example a mighty nobleman Vilém of Rožmberk and Svojš of Velhartice. The two men led a long conflict over who had the right of silver mining in the area. Only in 1546, after Svojš died, was the conflict resolved. His eldest son Jan inherited the dominion, however as he only had one daughter, Anna, the villages Nalžovy, Krutěnice and Sedlečko passed onto her husband Vchynský of Vchynice. The last owner of the municipality, who was of noble blood, was Count Edward Taafe, who sold them all before the second world war in 1937 and emigrated with his family into Ireland. 
For more interesting information about the history of Nalžovy and nearby villages follow the link, which has served as our  source as well.
Sedlečko Today
The Sedlečko Farmstead is located cca 2 km from the main hotel area Dvůr Krutěnice, on a way between the towns Sušice and Nalžovské Hory. The farmstead complex consistst of two parts: 
  • The utility area:  Used for cattle farming, it boasts of barns, hay sheds and cow sheds. As the cattle blongs to our facility, we breed it specially to supply our restaurant.
  • The recreation area:  The possibilities are vast! From weddings, christenings, family and office meetings, fishing, hiking and more! The area includes two lodges, available for rent all year long (including Christmas holidays and New Year), historical granary, consecrated chappel of St. Wenceslaus, a mansion and a pond. Much like the main hotel area, Sedlečko is a non-smoking zone.