Dvůr Krutěnice stands above all for a relaxation and rest in the heart of nature. However, that does not mean it would be difficult to do some work there as well! Our goal is to enable the attendees of conferences and job training courses to reach the optimal release and repose for the best work performance possible. Our conference room fulfils all the technical requirements neccessary, yet at the same time it remains as pleasant a space as the rest of the facility.

As of new we also offer two lodges at Statek Sedlečko, located about 2 km from Krutěnice. Both the lodges and the main hotel area are also an excellent enviroment for teambuilding activities.


Conference offer for 2015



(9x 2-5 bed rooms, apartment 3x bed rooms)


(6x 3-5 bed rooms)


Tower apartments****

(2x doubleroom with living room):

Services that are covered by the room fee

  • breakfast
  • dressing-gowns in the rooms – Hotel and Tower apartments
  • parking inside the complex
  • Wellness
  • outside grill facilities, billiard, table tennis, chess

Konference ubytování





  • Coffee break
  • Lunch - two or three-course menu
  • Dinner - three-course menu
  • cold, warm or combined food receptions


Conference room and services

  • conference room
  • conference salon
  • Data projector
  • DVD recorder
  • Projection board
  • Flipchart A0 including papers and markers
  • Magnetic board
  • Copy services – format A4

Capacity of Conference facilities

  Konference Konference Konference Konference Konference
Conference room 50 35 30 60 50
Conference salon 20 - 18 - -

Konference prostory

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